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Magento Add Custom Attribute to Order Extension

simonwalkerfme profile image Simonwalker ・1 min read

Additional checkout attributes extension by FME enables you to add custom order attributes to Magento checkout page. You can add multiple type of fields and make them mandatory & non-mandatory. Set their position & default value.
Using this Magento add custom attribute to order extension, you can gather all the necessary information required for a successful order processing. This extension works with both Magento default 6-step checkout and one page checkout as well.

You can add following type of order attributes:

  • Input field
  • Check boxes
  • Date
  • Time
  • Select box
  • Radio buttons
  • Passwords
  • Multi-select
  • Text area
  • File/image upload

More details & demo -


magento add order attribute
magento add order attribute

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