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Product Questions Magento 2 Extension by FME

I am professional PHP developer & eCommerce consultant at FMEextensions - a Magento custom development company where I have developed Magento extensions, themes & custom eCommerce websites.
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Product Questions Magento 2 extension by FME allows you to display product questions on separate FAQs landing page and product pages as well. Enable the customers to ask questions right on product pages using the “Ask a Question” form in order to instantly receive specific information they need before buying the product. Allow the visitors to ask, like/unlike, reply and rate all the existing questions. All the FAQs are properly displayed in a nice accordion style. Using this Product questions Magento 2 extension, you can import/export FAQs with a CSV file and configure FAQs block in order to display FAQs anywhere in the website.


  • Create Multiple Magento 2 FAQ Topics / Categories
  • FAQs Block to Display Questions on any Page
  • Display FAQs in Accordion Style
  • Enable FAQs Rating, Like/Dislike Feature
  • Configure Email Notifications
  • FAQs Display Filters for Admin

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Demo Images:

product questions

product questions

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