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re: Well this has been insightful. I'm new to all this and your post has definitely helped to narrow it down for me to web design and definitely app de...

I must say, web design goes beyond writing codes and requires you to be well versed in design principles, patterns and best practices. If you're getting started with Web Design, you definitely want to learn about design patterns and best practices (this is usually not code related). After you've gotten the hang of how design works. Then you want to start off with the basics, learn HTML and CSS and get really good at them. Be able to comfortably build beautiful forms, landing pages and fully responsive web pages. When you've gotten quite good with this, you usually want to add Javascript to give your pages more interactivity.

I should also add, having knowledge of a design tool like Adobe XD, sketch or Figma greatly helps when you choose to take on a career in Web Design too.

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