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React extract context for not nested components via shared state pattern

The challange

To reuse already working and tested Providers context, into fully independent (not nested) components.

Logical map

Logical Map

The code

Shared state hook, works as a middleman that stores all setSharedState, of each component that uses it, into global Map. And exposes back to component the sharedState and a closure that will update all states that are used by this hook.

Moreover, you can use this Hook just to have a sharedState between independent components without the usage of a context extractor.

const setSharedStateMap = new Map();

const setAllSharedStates = function (newState) {
    setSharedStateMap.forEach(setState => {

/** I used to pass in `id` as an argument
  * because it was nice to see what's inside
  * during debugging, but this `id` can be
  * generated inside hook as a random uuid. */

export function useSharedState(id: string) {
    const [sharedState, setSharedState] = React.useState();

    setSharedStateMap.set(id, setSharedState);

    return [sharedState, setAllSharedStates];
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The extractor component is returning null, but it does all the computations like a normal component. This gives us the possibility to extract provider's data from their parent providers and share it through Mapped states to Independent Components.

function ExtractContextFromProvidersComponent() {
    const l10n = useL10n();
    const formatDate = useFormatDate();

    const [_, setSharedState] = useSharedState('extractor-uuid');

    // this works as listener on changes of provided's data
    useEffect(() => {
    }, [l10n, formatDate]);

    return null;

     * Explanations on how to use `FlatProviders`
     * can be found in this article:
    <FlatProviders providers={[
        <ExtractContextFromProvidersComponent />
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Now the independent components can be included wherever you need them and don't worry about context providers. The sharedState update will trigger a re-render of each component.

function IndependentComponent() {
    const [sharedState, _] = useSharedState('ic-uuid');
    const { l10n, formatDate } = sharedState;

    return (
            <h3>{l10n('Translated text')}</h3>

    /** IndependentComponent have access
      * to context values through sharedState */
    <IndependentComponent />
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May the bugs avoid you,

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