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Discussion on: 🦀 Rust Reviewed: Is the hype justified? 🦀

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Victor Sergienko
  • Re: borrow checker and data-driven programming. I don't mean to invalidate the point itself, but the medium is not suitable for a discussion, because of readability. Maybe their point is valid, maybe it's like "Purely functional languages are bad for data-driven programs because they are stateless". I will not go sink my time into watching a random video to find it out. Retelling the basic idea or finding a similar paper would have worked much better.
  • Re: hiring. Completely valid. Well, it's inevitable for a young language. Though, there's been a strong positive trend this year. Plus there's a "Scala effect": if you hire a Scala programmer, you hire a great programmer, because they managed to learn this advanced thing for the love of the art.
  • Re: IDE. I have a different opinion. I've used IDEA/Java for a decade, and their support for Rust is getting closer to Java support. I'm working with it right now, it's quite good and it's developing fast.
  • Re: compile times. Well, they haven't killed C++ so far, and C++ is way worse. Rust, on other hand, is getting better in this department all the time.
  • Re: borrow check in C++. Yes you can, but a) it's yet another set of APIs and conventions on top of already huge stack of standards, APIs and conventions, and b) it costs us to implement, to educate the team, change coding standards, and to maintain. In Rust, borrow checked comes for way lower price. Sure, it's not free in Rust as well: a large part of Rust learning curve is caused by borrow checker.