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The number one fear of e-Commerce globally or online transaction from the South Pole to the North Pole is security. How secure is a payment platform? So many people have been a victim of criminal activities by fraudsters, who have left many people scared of online transfer.

I remember vividly some years back when online payment started in Nigeria, one of my siblings paid for some product she ordered from a platform online. Little did she know that her banking details is left exposed, the night of that transaction, her account was wiped of cash, it was a long night.

In Nigeria, it is indeed quite disheartening that there is still largely shut out from the part of international commerce that will allow local online entrepreneurs and start-ups to earn foreign exchange through the sale of their goods and services. What I can honestly say is that we are being fleeced by many of the international establishments.

At this point, it is great to commend Nigerian companies like Flutterwave for the strides they are making which is geared towards making it possible for people to accept payments for products and services. I mention them because I have used the service for a while and it is pretty easy for anyone to start receiving money through them. This is quite commendable because after all is said and done, e-Commerce starts with the ability to make and receive payments online.

Flutterwave is an online payment solution, that manages funds from one integrated platform that helps you connect globally. Processing billions around the world. Flutterwave payment platform took it upon themselves to connect over 1 billion potential customers with Alipay and also change how money moves in the continent by accepting payments, make payouts and manage business on a single platform making it easy for secure and global payments through their products which are:

  1. Payments platform (RAVE)

  2. Everyday payments (BARTER)


This is a payment solution that is secure and reliable, it is the easiest way to receive and make payments to clients around the world. Provides customers with the best checkout experience when paying using money mobile, USSD, ACH, Cash tokens, Credit and debit. Rave helps business owners and their clients to continuously engage in safe and secure business online.


Barter is a financial application, designed to help you manage one’s money. It helps to accept and make payments easily, ranging from purchase of airtime, cable subscription, logistics and any day to day activities that involve payment.
Day to day challenges
There are some closing questions we would need to ponder on, they are as follows:

• Is it possible to solve the mystery of not having to re-enter your card details each time you want to make a payment for goods and services?

• Can we change the Nigerian narrative that is closely linked with online fraud?

• How secure is our payment platforms?

• How can we improve service delivery and logistics attached to it?

• What happens if someone pays for a product and discovers it is defective and won’t serve the purpose of purchase?

• Will they get a full refund and is it enforceable?

The questions above are pointers to the fact that we need to strengthen information technology institutions or platforms with needed support to run accordingly, in our dear nation because this is what will build the confidence, online security and good name needed to take the sector and the country as a whole to next level. This should go with a massive enlightenment campaign that is necessary to build confidence and this is where a partnership with digital marketing is vital.

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