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I started working in a company at July the 1st of this year. I started on a Thursday, but the worst experience for me was my 2nd day. I was literally the only person who wasn't doing HomeOffice and I literally understood nothing of the code I was expected to write. I believe I didn't even made a single commit that day.

Now, a few months later I got to get a few more responsibillities. I am one of the 2 'administrator' for the development server, while also doing fullstack programming and doing fine.

My advices for a junior developer: Learn git (or at least know what the other developers are talking about), ask questions (if needed 2 times) and don't be ashamed of doing so and last but not least: know how to use a CLI like bash or zsh... if you're not a .NET Developer it will always be helpful to know the commandline and at least knowing the basics won't hurt you!


Hi, Steffen, great story! Thanks for sharing!

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