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re: Keep VS Code from Becoming an IDE VIEW POST


Fyi, most of the language support extensions don't even get loaded if you work on a project that does not need them. VSCode uses events to activate extensions. All of the language support ones are registered for the file type event. Meaning that they only are loaded into memory and executed if you open a file or the file type they cover.
This means, if you work on a ruby project and have the python language support extensions activated, the only thing that is loaded is the manifest of that extension. It shouldn't add any noticable delay on startup since VSCode is only reading one file, package.json


Interesting. I feel like I remember reading about this, but I totally forgot about it. I’ll update the article in a minute, thanks for the info!


No problem :)
If you are interested into fast editors, keep an eye on x-ray, atoms successor ( probably). It uses a native server written in rust that handles all core functionality. They only use electron for the UI. Makes editing a blaze :) it's pre pre pre pre alpha though ^


There's also Core is written in Rust, front ends in a variety of languages and platforms - one of which is Electron.

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