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re: I feel like you're conflating software architecture and systems architecture here to be honest.

Well, it's not me, but proponents of "microservices architecture".

Sorry, don't want to look rude. Just too tired with microservices histeria which often causes so much harm although creates a lot of jobs for devops.

Well argued Sir :) FWIW I hadn't assumed you were against microservices, but that you may have been victim of over enthusiastic architects (and hoping that isn't me!)

I suspect we are all violently agreeing that certain ways of doing things (whatever we call them) are sometimes appropriate (eg: if you are Amazon, Netflix or Monzo), and sometimes not (eg: if you are Stack Overflow: nickcraver.com/blog/2016/02/17/sta...).

Terminology, as in 'what is architecture' and what isn't, has probably come between us, as I also believe that well designed SOA is indistinguishable from microservices. What makes the difference for me is the human impact of these design decisions, where we might place higher important on team autonomy (eg: AWS 12-pizza teams), and thus focus on packaging and deployment, team responsibility and ownership, as these are often areas where large teams collide. In other organisations or groups this may not be the concern, and thus working with more efficient, coupled designs works just fine.

Thanks for keeping thing civil!

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