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What a useless rant. I have worked with all kinds of databases for decades, network, relastional, various no sql. I have implement my own relational database core. I have worked below the SQL level as well as through SQL many times. And I have produced ORMs on top of many types of database technology. I even worked for some years on an object database.

MongoDB is quite sound database technology. He still has one or two warts but so does most everything else including the most well regarded relational databases. Overall I am much happier with it for variable document storage and for flexibility in schema than any other easily accessible database technology.

It wins hand down over some pseudo-database like DynamoDB. I can believe how much low level knowledge and calculating that one forces on users.

So what exactly are you comparing it to?


If you take the trouble of reading the disclaimer at the top of the article, you won't find it a "useless rant".

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