Being taken seriously as a young developer

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Hi. I am skiilaa, an 11 year old developer from Hungary. I made sites like SateMage, an image analysis and auto-SEO site. Today I'll talk about my story.

Being taken seriously is a big problem you have to deal with when you're young, in any community, not just development.

I decided to keep a low profile (until now) because I'm afraid that people would just think that I am a script kiddie without looking into what I've done.

I've started out when I was 7. My father is a programmer. I would look at what he's doing time to time, and later, he decided to teach a little bit of it to me. After I knew the basics of C#, I discovered StackOverflow and MSDN. I would look at portions of code there, and kind-of assemble my code. When I was stuck, I just asked my father for help.

After that, I realized that C# was very time-consuming. You know, you have an idea, you need to create a new project, and start all over again if you want to implement complicated things (I hated making libraries for the stuff I often used back then).

I decided to learn a new language, a scripting language. I didn't like Python, but then I stumbled upon nodejs. I liked many things about node: it's base is Javascript, it doesn't need to be compiled, it uses the command prompt, and last but not least, it has a lot of plugins already made and available on NPM.

I learned Express and a lot of other plugins, but I didn't really have any ideas, and I got bored, so I quit for a while. A year ago, I decided to get back into it, because I dropped gaming, and all I did on the computer is YouTube.

I picked nodejs back up, and (in my opinion) amazing ideas started popping into my head. Some of them got abandoned, but some of them got made. Some of them got discovered, some of them are folders taking up space in my home folder.

This is my brief story.

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Kudos Skiilaa!!. Man! 11 year old building websites with node.js is astonishing. Keep yourself in the learning zone and never be afraid to voice your opinions at any time. If people didn't take serious, that's their problem. Shout out for help when needed, and there is always a good community of developers who recognize talent irrespective of age, country, gender etc.,

Future is absolutely bright. :)


You're 11! Oh my goodness. I cannot fathom having your skill level at that age.


I wrote a post about my 13-year-old self which might be interesting to you. I wasn't as advanced as you, but I think the feelings might be similar.


Wait until that fella is 20. I am proud of you son.

To add to you, I started working at 19, been up and down with that. The worst part is not not being taken seriously, but a whole series of your bosses shrinking your salary and trying to eat up your labor rights thinking you are just a kid. But hey, it's a mattrr of time before you get yourself the respect you deserve. You have mine and that of all the developers here.


Hey! You're doing fantastic, and I can definitely relate. I dropped out of university at 19 and started working for different startups and it can be tough to get recognition in the industry and workplace at a young age. Now I'm 22 and have been working at Amazon Web Services for 2 years. Despite your age, you are years ahead of your peers, and your work now will only help you in the future. Best of luck!


Thank you! It's nice to hear other people's stories.


You've probably realised already but it's not like every blogger lists their age or birthdate publicly on their profile, so at least on the internet you needn't worry about such a thing unless you go ahead and declare it every time (or someone goes digging for information on you). The only seemingly obvious tell would be your writing, but I'm confident you'll get better at that over time - you were definitely confident enough to write this post!


Hey there!

I'm 15, and in the last couple of years it has really started to feel like age makes no difference. As long as I don't mention my age, no one can tell the difference. And why would it matter if you're just as skilled?

Oh, and dropping gaming has been a very positive decision for me so far as well.

Good luck, and keep learning!


Hey, good article :) I'm still 14, and also trying to hide sometimes. Good luck with future development!


Don't worry, I am also 11 and use nodejs. You aren't alone.


If I was able to do at 25 years what you have done at 11 years, I would probably be a bigger success by now. Your story just gave me some energy right now. Keep coding. I would definitely like to followup and learn with you. @progzilla is my github. Cheers.


Awesome story! How has your experience been with dropping gaming? I did the same almost a year ago now, and it's honestly been really rewarding. Youtube was a bad sidestep for a while though, but programming more has definitely helped me do less of both.


For me, dropping gaming was really easy. I just stopped playing, because I was bored and lost interest in it.

I couldn't really deal with YouTube, because it has many pros and cons.


Don't let anyone tell you you aren't skilled because of your age. They are likely just jealous that by the time you're half their age you'll have more experience and know-how than they do now. Don't quit!


Wow really inspiring I am 16 years old and I am working for web Agency here in Belgium but me too I don't like to say my friends what I do? Kids my school think I am the cool kid with MacBook all the time. :)


At your age I only had Basic as language and magazines as source of knowledge...


Before clicking the link I was like young = mid twenties! FML.


I used to hide when I was a kid as well, just keep doing your thing broski!


Hey, that's incredible! Don't even worry about being taken seriously. Do what you love, they will all be chasing after your skills in a few years. ;-)