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Discussion on: Do you use subdomains?

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Skirbunk • Edited

I'm very glad you asked this question because it really makes me think.

Traditionally, I use free services, so that's a subdomain, but as of recently I've been plugging into my 3 domains because HTTPS is free. All I did to get HTTPS was set my domain DNS to Cloudflare, added one A record to for the service IP in DNS, and added one CNAME record to www for @ in DNS.

What I've learned about using a subdomain is that it's always the child of the TLD, so if your visitors can block the first level domain because it's a service and just look at the subdomain as the focal point, then ya maybe. If you're wanting your visitors to focus only on that website, then you want a domain not a subdomain.

These are the questions I drew from your question.

  1. How do I want most of my visitors to get to the site?
  2. Is the website an addition to one that is already known?
  3. Do I expect visitors to remember more than one name?

These questions should help to make that decision.