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Discussion on: 10 Steps that will help you turn your idea into a product. Part 1

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Aleksandr Skobeltcyn Author

Really good question Mathew, thank you!

I think it for sure depends on product type, but for typical SaaS:

  1. Create a channel of distribution is one of the crucial step (check out "Lean Canvas").

  2. You not loose anything by inviting people to product that is not done yet.
    But you gain interest, feedback, Search engine index that takes time, first super loyal early-adapters for success launch! And support + motivation!

And it kind of chicken-egg problem: in order to make product popular you have to have users, to gain users you have to make product popular. So I would say: "Fake it until you make it" works really well

And the beauty of business is when you doing something which is uncomfortable and get outstanding results that nobody has in a comfortable zone🙃