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The Greatest Tools for Running Startups

To manage a successful startup is easier when they have the appropriate tools in their arsenal. What are the best ones to cope with any business task? Find out in this article!
To run a startup demands much work, deep planning, dedication, and titanic effort. Developing your startup or running an online business is usually a complicated activity. This requires obligatory financial expenses connected with such procedures as receiving a server, registering the domain/business name, and so on.
Nowadays, to make the lives of small business and startup founders easier, engineering specialists have designed (and continue creating) a wide range of tools to optimize efficiency and save business owners' time on daily routines. In this article, we are going to share with you a list of the best tools for running startups.
All the tools we have mentioned here will come in handy for project management, sales/marketing automation, HR & Payroll, and communication. Here, business owners will also get several tools and the engineering marketplace that will show you how to hire engineers for their teams. Picking the appropriate tools from the start is a brilliant strategy toward running a prosperous startup. So, check our list and get ready to implement the tools for your business right after reading!

Marvellous Project Management with Asana

When it comes to project management, Asana is considered one of the most effective tools for startups which supports personnel to organize and coordinate their responsibilities. The proven performance of the software solution made it well-known among businesses around the globe. Asana provides startups with the opportunity to significantly speed up the working process by enabling every team member to know the team strategy, steps to implement it, and who is performing a certain task, and what the deadlines are.
This tool makes it possible for the team to designate cases as per their role, add new members to the project team, monitor reports, and several other useful things. Regarding pricing, premium access is approximately 16 US dollars per month. However, in case you are a freshman in project management, a free version is available.

Robust Internal Communication due to ProofHub

ProofHub is an app that can be used both on a laptop and smartphone options. It is a project management solution designed to enhance a startup's workflow by enabling staff to develop tasks, establish deadlines, and oversee the operation of each step of the project. ProofHub perfectly fits for small (3 people) and large (more than 15 employees) team sizes to introduce projects for clients on schedule and control collaboration within teams.
A list of advantages:
· Designate business roles to team members regarding a certain project task;
· Build areas for discussion to gather staff and customers at one location;
· Figure out work process with the help of super comfortable flexible boards to receive notification of assignments coming from one phase to another;
· Design subcases to direct to different team members;
· Monitor time dedicated to a certain task with the help of a digital timer.

Maintain Marketing Automation with MailChimp

It makes no difference whether they have set a new solution or they just desire to conduct a powerful marketing campaign, they require an effective email marketing app. The solution called MailChimp can be downloaded without charge (they provide users with more than 1,500 subscribers). Serving as one of the greatest software in the email marketing sphere, MailChimp delivers the most popular email servers to support users with an excellent overview response, transparent rates, and open clicks for all clients' email marketing campaigns.
MailChimp has such features as Digital Ads, Email, Social Media, Analytics/Reports, and several others. Talking about the pricing, it varies from 10 US dollars for the basic plan up to 300 US dollars for premium functions.

Hire Experienced Engineers on Engre Marketplace and Several More

Startup owners that can’t stand old-school recruitment procedures will find Engre a perfect location.
Here, engineering specialists offer their services at reasonable pricing. Why Engre is so special? Here, businesses may find professionals that are challenging to find in all the industries, including aerospace, automotive, science, civil, telecommunications, etc.
What should be done to hire engineers on Engre? All you need is to negotiate with them all the project details, sign the agreement, assess the ready solution, and organize payment. Another option presupposes that you post your project there and engineers contact you to send partnership proposals. You should decide on the best proposal.
Other popular and effective candidate sourcing tools involve Teamable and
Teamable allows keeping track of your referrals easily within the hiring procedure. Teamable generates and sends referral info from the platform to users to guarantee nothing important about candidates was missed. This tool delivers powerful Reporting and Analytics, i.e. a detailed data regarding where your candidates are coming from. Teamable allows users to be faster in hiring candidates: employee referrals are hired in a month comparing to traditional 50 days with their rivals! is a career website that supports such industries as technology, financial services, and energy. They may find approximately 2 million (!) CVs of engineering specialists with more than 40,000 new CVs added monthly.

Enjoy Sales Automation with

More than five years ago, trying to contact potential clients via their email addresses was the option that assisted businesses in growing. However, sending partnership presentations using emails has become obsolete. Successful startups use, i.e. a sales automation app.
The tool supports your sales team to keep in touch with potential and current customers via generating emails for them. The solution has such advantages as Drip Campaigns, Email Verification, Email Finder, Mailbox Automation, Campaign Stats, CRM Integrations, and many others. To use this tool for your business, you should pay from 80 to 130 US dollars monthly with no free testing.

Optimize HR Functions with Gusto

Gusto is considered a great HR services solution. This tool was designed with the mission of reviewing payroll and HR, by simplifying repetitive and complex tasks. Employees implement this solution to refresh their documentation and other personal data. Gusto makes it possible to create a simple online account and essential info easy to get.
The features of the tool include Payroll, Employee Benefits, Hiring, People Management, Health Insurance, and several others. In case you want to get Gusto for your startup, you should pay around 40 US dollars for basic functions or about 150 US dollars (Concierge with Payroll and certified HR support added). Unfortunately, the tool doesn't provide users with a free version.

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