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Discussion on: What Are the Most Important CS Principles to Learn as a New Dev from a Non-Traditional Background?

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Chris C

Not sure if this is what you're looking for Victoria, but I would say be a self learner. Going from a non-IT role to a dev role is a pretty huge pendulum swing.

You will be working with different personalities and abstract concepts that are unfamiliar. Focus on your strengths. Nobody is an expert at everything. Some of you will be Python champs. Others will be better at network security. And other will be better at project management. That's ok. It takes a lot of frustrating days seemingly going nowhere and loops (heh) on the development merry-go-round before you can find your groove.

Labs and virtual machines are your friend. Because no amount of textbook reading will translate to real world understanding of CS or information systems. I have yet to find textbooks in my studies that aren't outdated (on some topics) by 5 years or more