Starting with a new programming language?

Holy-Elie Scaïde on August 13, 2019

One of the popular recommendations that you can get when asking how to grow your skills as a software developer is to learn a new language, prefera... [Read Full]
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Yea I do the same.
Best way read book, don't make examples, just read till end.

After good idea to start making simple mini programms, it is ok if ur code rly bad, right now it just should solve problem.

And only after look at best practice. Coz at start, best practice can scarry u, but when u already know language a bit, u understand why it was madden so.


Yeah, books are great, especially for complex languages like Swift or Perl. I can get by using a syntax reference if I just need to complete a task, but I just see if I can find a general introductory book. Best practices are a must and the most important things to know. Documentation will always be there but knowing the best way to do something is extremely valuable.

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