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Discussion on: Programming Language Dictatorship

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Leslie P. Polzer

Great points all around! Especially your conclusions on the dictator/cult dynamics of many "communities" (which are quite reflective of society as a whole) are spot-on.

One thing of course that is a hard problem, is to decide which features "fit" into a language's paradigm and which do not. If you take in any and all suggestions and wishes -- which is likely not what you're suggesting here, but I'm going to say it anyway -- your language design will deteriorate because it will be "design by committee".

And some features just need time to ripen. If you take a look at the Go generics process for example, you are looking at literally years of discussion on how to do this in a way that doesn't compromise the "keep it simple" paradigm of Go. Yes sure, Mr Pike might play a bit of a dictator role, catering to his own tastes and beliefs, and yes, the Go compiler code might just be low quality. But there's other considerations at play too. :-)