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Discussion on: Typescript: First thoughts

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Cristian Pallarés • Edited on

How was your experience transitioning from vanilla Javascript?

  • It was rather easy to me. I guess it's because I have C++ background, and also played a little bit with Flow (from Facebook).

Did you notice better quality in the code?

  • Nope, and I think it's because code quality equals to developer quality. What I've seen is that the code is easier to understand because you don't have to guess the types of the variables, thus speeding everything A LOT. Guessing values is a hell in dynamic languages...

  • How did Typescript change the development type?

Not sure what you mean by development type, but as I said: a Typescript codebase is multiple times easier to adopt than a vanilla JS codebase IMO.

  • Do you notice a difference between using Typescript in small teams and bigger teams?

I've never worked with Typescript in a big team, but I can extrapolate and say that it would be immensely beneficial.