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Discussion on: Why Older People Struggle In Programming Jobs

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David Aldridge

With reference to "Rejecting the Churn", it sometimes feels like a techno-political power/ego issue.

If a person starts learning a technology or framework that is 15 years old then there are people with 1, 2, 3 ... 15 years more experience in it than them. Maybe that's an unpleasant "bottom of the heap" feeling, but they can eliminate it by learning and promoting, or even inventing, something completely new. Now they're the expert! Even if the new technology is maybe a little under baked still.

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

That's a great point - and one I hadn't really thought of before. Also, whenever you're promoting something new, you can always counter and detractors by claiming that those detractors are just close-minded and set in their ways.