What are the advantages of using PHP for web development?

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There are many advantages of using PHP for web development; few important ones are given below.
1) Cross platform: PHP code is compatible with all the operating system such as UNIX, Windows servers and easily run on different operating system.
2) Easy to learn and understand: Unlike other languages, it does not require too much programming skills, if a person wishes to learn this language, then he/she can easily learn in short duration of time. Those who understand C can get the grip of PHP language also, because PHP websites scripts have similarity with C programming.
3) Easily Embedded with HTML and DBMS: PHP can be embedded within the relational database management system and has a strong output buffering.
4) Reliable: PHP is reliable and fast server side scripting language for website development.
5) Dynamic language: To support dynamic property of PHP, html can be easily embedded into PHP.

As technologies change very rapidly still PHP consists its own importance. So in future also we can expect PHP will glow with more intensity.

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I'd say PHP's wide adoption and the fact some of the most popular open source software projects on the planet are written in it are it's key strengths.