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The requirements they provided just cannot efficiently be completed in 3-5 hours, and by just one person. This task should at least take a week. I'm so glad I've been at the same job for 5 years and don't have to go through interviews anymore. Companies seem way too awful and greedy now when it comes to hiring developers. Salam habeebs.


The technical requirements are to install Django framework, instantiate a Postgress database, create 3 tables:user, debtor, invoice. Use the ORM to create basic crud, integrate Google oauth And generate some server side controller/actions code to validate form data and return database results via an API. Without CSS styling, client side validation and SPA routing, I would expect a dev experienced in the stack to knock out a proof of concept in a day. This wouldn't be production ready but it definitely shouldn't take a week.


Right, it shouldn't take a week and it might not be production ready, but they're expecting 3 to 5 hours, isn't that way too little time?

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