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To kill time during lockdown and up my Rust skills, I've been following Rust Rogulike Tutorial.

I have a habit of adding a twist to the tutorials I follow, to force myself to better understanding of the subject covered - not just blindly following the text. This time, I decided to use a new, hot Rust ECS Legion instead of the Specs the tutorial uses.

Some time ago I tried a bit of Amethyst programming and didn't like Specs API much. Legion, on the other hand, is a pleasure to use. You can look at the code in my GitHub repo to see how to use Legion in a working, live project.

The tutorial game turns out to be pretty fun already, so I decided to publish it on itch.io - mainly to try out building the project for WASM and try automating the build and deploy via GitHub actions.

Click on https://smokku.itch.io/roguelike and play the game. Tell me what you think.

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I am a coder. I do hard-core C, Embedded JavaScript, C++/Qt/QML, Rust GameDev, Reason React, XMPP.


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Unfortunately Legion is not so nice with the latest master changes: github.com/TomGillen/legion/issues...


isnt Amethyst emphasizes on ECS ?


It does.
It is built on top of Specs, which API does not fit with me. Especially the necessity for components to have special fields and to register with ECS world.

With Legion, you can just take any data type (even from external library) and use it as a component.