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nasty recruiter's messages - that one made me really laugh.

Java wasn't my first language when I started programming (I guess that would be Basic or maybe Pascal). I think learning is never really easy. It's important to take small steps. Yes, Java has a huge ecosystem full of libraries for any aspect you can imagine. So do other languages. As a developer, one of the most valuable skills (in my opinion) is to be able to learn new languages.

In the end, learning a programming language isn't different from learning other stuff, e.g. if you learn to swim, you typically won't start in the middle of the ocean and see how it goes. You'll take small steps and improve on that. The same should apply to your programming skills. Learn the basics, only look at a small subset. Then start looking at other aspects, one at a time. If you do too much at once, you might drown.

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