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Where should I save my passwords ? To more specific which editor ?

snipperbytes profile image Vikram Sahu ・1 min read

I think vim for Linux

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Fidel Sanchez-Bueno

Are you talking about your passwords for banking and websites? in that case, you should not be using an editor (I'm assuming you are using that editor to save the password into a text file).

The best option is using a password manager for example keepass.

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Vikram Sahu Author

Yes, it’s an combo of both I have kept my ash password for servers in vin editor and login using a shell script I have written.

I have been using Keepass for while but ended up having an assumption of security issue

I don’t know whether I should start using again 😬

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Mike Healy

How do you keep anything in an editor? Surely you're writing to a file, and that file could be read by any other editor or process with access to the filesystem?

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Vikram Sahu Author

Yup correct I save that file and given static part in code to read that file through argument