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Discussion on: Node.js has a higher cognitive load than Java

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Philippe Vaillancourt

Super interesting. Like I said, I have next to no practical experience with Java, and the Java ecosystem, so it looks like I misunderstood exactly what you meant. What you are describing is very cool. I guess you summed it up nicely when you said:

there is so much flexibility and so many different ways to achieve things.

And that is a problem in the JavaScript universe, not only with build processes, but with pretty much every aspect of coding and development. It's the whole convention vs. configuration thing and in the JavaScript world, we are big time in the configuration side of things. There are so many ways to do everything. JavaScript fatigue is a real thing.

So you definitely have a point; you can't expect that running npm build on one JS project, will have the same impact as running npm build on another JS project. There is no convention when it comes to that.