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What does Code mean to you?

sofisdev profile image Sofia Sanchez Urbano ・1 min read

As a junior developer I have heard this question in many interviews.
After having learned self-taught the fundamentals of programming and experiencing a complete learning chapter in Ironhack Bootcamp it was pretty clear ⬇️:
If you ever saw a tennis match, you may have noticed the audience is pretty quiet while a point is being played. You feel the silence, as well as the surrounding tension to avoid disturbing the players. Once the point is won, the audience rises to scream the emotions!


This is pretty much how I feel about coding. It takes structure, thinking, focus, and it gets frustrating. Once a bug is resolved the excitement is huge. The feeling is amazing.

There is much more to this definition. My path through programming took me to Ironhack, where I spent 3 months in a remote bootcamp with 29 people. These months have been intense, and so rewarding. You get to know a developers-community where you share all kinds of feelings, the late nights, the eagerness to develop new things.

This bootcamp gave me a chance to develop my own projects with a colleague while pair programming, remotely. Frontend, backend, MVP, final presentation, sprints, merging, all of it was real.

Coding has taken me back to things I loved when I was a kid, such as math, logic, understanding how things are created.

To all newbies in tech, it's OK to feel frustrated at times, be curious, be eager to learn, be patient, and how my teacher at Ironhack said, trust the process!

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Muhammad Talha Akbar

Are we talking about an activity where we are only limited by our imagination, skill and motivation? I guess it means fun and frustration.

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Awesome post Sofia!