I'm writing a free book on React

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I'm writing a free book on React, it will always be free

Hope you enjoy it :)

It covers:

  • Basics
  • Forms
  • Routing
  • Testing
  • Redux

A lot of my articles here is based on things I wrote in the book. Hope it can help someone :)


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I'm new here. This is really helpful and I appreciate the time you've invested so someone like me can find more careful and complete information rather than piecing it together from 10 different sites with conflicting or out of date info, ;/ Yay quality!! big thanks, I'll be referring to this regularly.


That was the idea of the book actually.. My collected knowledge and pain points I overcame ;)


Wow... Chris. Thank you for the React book as well as other great books.


I feel like I just found a gold-mine :)


Free book is a good idea(maybe add some advertisement). I'll read it, thanks.


A gentle idea: propTypes is a little complicated. Maybe move to advanced is better.
Basic will be better if ASAP.


Thanks for the book, just scanned first few pages and it's very accessible, good work.

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