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Discussion on: What Do You Think About Immutable Data?

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Miklos Bertalan Author

Thanks, it's a lot clearer now. I am moderately familiar with Elm and Hyperapp (never used them but read a few articles/docs about them). I use Redux often though which I think is pretty similar (correct me if I am wrong.)

My main concern with this kind of functional front-end pattern is best explained with a short story:

I am a maintaining a transparent reactive state management lib for React (which re-renders comps on relevant data mutations) and a big chunk of the issues are about very basic operations - like getting / settings values or applying (async) side effect. I always explain to simply use obj.prop, obj.prop = value, and async functions which they are all already familiar with. They are too afraid to even try them though because of their functional background.

I really like to 'hack around' with the language and I usually feel bad when I am forced into a set of best practices. When I work with immutable libs I often have to check their API for specific things while using mutable data requires me to do this far less often. I can play around a lot more. Obviously, this is not always true but this is my gut feeling.