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Does Facebook have to pay for links?

The Australian government intends to pass a bill after which Facebook will have to pay news companies for the appearance of their news on the social network feed. This, in the opinion of the deputies, will help the development of local media platforms.

On the last day of summer, Will Easton (Managing Director of Facebook, Australia and New Zealand) published a message in which he believes that this law will have a completely opposite effect.

"Over the first five months of 2020 we sent 2.3 billion clicks from Facebook's News Feedback to Australian news websites at no charge - additional traffic worth an estimated $200 million AUD to Australian publishers." - he wrote on a Facebook blog.

This step, according to experts, will lead to the creation of another local Internet reservation with its own specific laws and mechanisms.

Will it help business development, even local? Most probably not.

What do you think about this?

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Michel Renaud

I really haven't looked much into this, and other countries have talked about similar laws, but doesn't Facebook pretty much just show the headline (and possibly a few lines of text), and you need to click on the link for the full story, ending up on the actual media web site (and not Facebook)? Maybe I'm missing something here. Same goes for Google News, for that matter. Again, I haven't looked much into it (other things to do... :))

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Sologub Author

You're right. Both Facebook and Google do not have tools to view content without going to the site. Unlike, for example, telegrams