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How to organize your time?

In order not to get lost in a large number of scheduled meetings and not to miss something important, you need a calendar and an event planner. You can, of course, use a wallpaper calendar or, in extreme cases, a tear-off, but we live in two thousand and twenty, right?

Here's a shortlist of tools to manage your schedule:

Clockwise: Use AI to analyze already scheduled appointments across multiple calendars to avoid duplication and provide more "focus" time.

Useful if you have multiple calendars.

Superhuman: Scans email for key phrases such as "tomorrow at 3:00 pm" and brings them to events in the calendar.

Useful if you are too lazy to manually enter each appointment into the calendar.

ReclaimAI: opens the possibility of assigning different priority levels for your meetings (for example, if someone wants to reserve your time for one o'clock in the afternoon, and you have to watch a series, then the series will be rescheduled for the evening).

Useful if you are a procrastinator and cannot prioritize yourself.

Calendly: Shows the available slots of your time and allows you to book it to avoid constant communication conversations. The cool mechanism of this service is to send a link to your schedule. You just send the link and write: choose a convenient contact time for you.

Useful if you talk a lot but want to talk less.

That's all for now. If you know interesting services - write in the comments and I will study them and add them to the second part of the collection.

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