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re: Maybe you did not copy and paste jQuery source as is, but you definitely did copy its API and design decisions I'm sorry, but it's true. Their cod...

But I did avoid to implement methods that are already present in modern JavaScript/DOM API.

Like Array.prototype.forEach over an Array of DOM elements for example?

Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with your framework, hopefully you'll get appreciated by the DEV.TO and Glitch communities. Try A-Frame, it's similar in nature with respect to quickly snapping together low-fi prototypes, it may be the next big thing and our modern approaches to functional and declarative data flow and UI state management will be obsoleted by agent-like components that interact with each other.

I have to sign off to get back to software engineering.

Oh, I understand =) and I guess they do pay you for things like this too ;) perhaps you're better at this arguing than coding and engineering =P

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