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Things you should not do when learning programming

sopanem profile image Miro ・2 min read

Here is my list of things you should not do while learning to code:

1. Comparing yourself to other people

This is a really important one and it fits in many different situations. If you are starting to play football, it is not good to compare your skills for example to Cristiano Ronaldo who has played so much more time than you.

When it comes to programming, do not compare your skills to a person who has made programming lots more than you. See this quote: "Don’t Compare Your Chapter 1 To Someone Else’s Chapter 20". The person who has reached level 20 has been at some point where you are now, I mean at chapter 1.

2. Switching between different languages and technologies instead of focusing on one at the time

This is something I have been made during my learning-to-code journey. I switched between windows and Linux, different code editors and terminals, color schemes, and so on. I find that switching harmful nowadays.

I find myself thinking this many times "If I wasn't switched too often those systems and if had have had used that time wisely for learning the actual coding, I would be quite good today". So, there is a warning. Do not switch between technologies while you are learning. Learn the current first and then switch!

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3. Giving up too easily

Again another point that comes from my own experience. Don't give up too easily even it feels too hard. I fond me doing this and it has affected negatively my whole learning experience. If I could change this away from my history, I would do it.

Just take those hard projects and assignments to complete. If you can't do them by yourself, ask for help. When you at some point get it done, you can be proud of yourself that you have been accomplished it!

4. Trying to memorize code

Memorizing or trying to memorize code is quite commonly seen made by beginners. But when it comes to facts, it is not useful to memorize them. It many times doesn't fit into your current task and then it is not useful to memorize.

5. Not googling

This follows the earlier point "trying to memorize code" because many beginners think they need to know everything and that is why they don't use Google to search for solutions for problems. Again, this was something that led me into giving up too easily. I did not search for solutions from Google, I tried to solve them by my short experience.

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These are my 5 things not to do during learning to code. I hope you found this useful! See you next week on another blog post.

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Ps: I try to post here at least once a week

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