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This is always an interesting topic/question. I think that the language of choice is more about what framework you're into more than the language itself. If you like front-end development, it's likely to be JavaScript or TypeScript in conjunction with Angular, React or Vue.

For me, I primarily write in C# because I came up through the .NET community, however, have done a lot of work in node.js which is not a language obviously but I find that you cannot do web development and NOT have JavaScript in your wheelhouse.

C# allows me to do - console apps, API development, serverless, web front-end apps, mobile using Xamarin, IoT and even runs on a Raspberry PI. But I can just as easily turn to JavaScript and do most if not all of those as well with node.js or Angular.

Depends on the project or what the team I am working with is using. .NET Core right now is where I live 80% of the time.

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