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3 days in the morning, orange juice with my breakfast. Daily, around 10.30-11am 1 cup of coffee. After dinner (5pm), 1 more to fight against "mal del puerco" (Mexican idiom reffered to laziness after a meal). Unfortunately, in the officee we only have soluble coffee.
During weekends, I preffer my grain coffee, only one cup as soon as I wake up (9-10am). If I will stay awake long hours in the night, I usually drink with milk and cold in the night. Depending how long I would stay, two or three cups.
Tea? Rarely, not big fan, only when I'm sick. Dark gasified drinks? Sometimes.
During my college years, I create a dependency to coffee (more than 8 cups a day) and, as a consecuence, I developed a big tolerance to caffeine and one full-year without coffee to recover my normal levels. Big misake, considering I love to enjoy a great cup of coffee.

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