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Create a Small Part of CaMicroscope frontend

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preview of frontend

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backend of camicroscope

caMicroscope Distribution


Build Status

caMicroscope 3.X distribution

dont forget to clone run with docker-compose -f panda.yml up

this will build all services and run in the foreground Use docker-compose -f panda.yml build to rebuild the services.

Once everything is up, go to :4010/ to see the landing page.


To enable ssl, mount the private key and certificate files to the security service in /root/src/ssl/privatekey.pem and /root/src/ssl/certificate.pem respectively. HTTPS mode will only be enabled if both of these files are present.

Component Services

mongo - vanilla mongo container

idxMongo - ephemeral container to index mongo (that is, this container is expected to exit once it's done its job)

bindaas - api service for mongo (see

iip - slide tile server (see

viewer - hosts the viewer files and builds packages ( see

loader - extracts metadata needed for image loading (see

security -…


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(commentspiritbro1english) creating a small part of CaMicroscope frontend i create zoom in, zoom out, crop, and segmenting also crop and segmenting can be screenshotted on the right side