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TripleByte is a remarkably efficient job placement platform. So much about about landing at a great engineering org is having people in your corner during the process. TripleByte qualifies you through a series of their own interviews in order to champion for you. You'll understand once you take the quiz. It's a wonderful blind-spot-exposing experience.

Algolia's core product is extremely low-latency search which we make great use of on in a variety of ways. It powers our core search as well as the customization of your home feed based on the tags you follow. We have plans to integrate it elsewhere, as well. It has become one of the critical pieces of infrastructure for our whole offering — which, as you may know, is all about performance. Plus it's free to try.

Nylas provides email, calendar, and contact sync APIs that can power pretty much any app that deals with these services. They are a strong engineering team who have written about their feats here on Check out their work, it's fantastic. PS, Nylas wanted us to tell you that they're hiring, and they'd love to identify some candidates from the community.

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