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re: Props to you for picking up a documentation project! I originally wrote a comment got uncontrollably long, so I put it in its own post: ...

Hi, Eli! I am coming back from your original post. It was as informative as it was inspiring. I am not sure if I would be using anything but vanilla markdown. In all honesty, I would prefer using just that, at least for the first couple of such projects.

Given all the learning curves involved with the core project and the act of documenting it, I doubt if there would be any room left for learning documentation tools. So it was a sigh of relief when you suggested it's okay to do that.

I will make a detailed post about the documentation project and how it goes. (A documentation about documentation. How meta!). Would love to hear your constructive criticism on that!


I look forward to reading about it! There are so many documentation tools, but the content is the most important part anyway. I love the simplicity of Markdown.

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