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Looking for a web dev environment for Windows 10

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I am starting to get into web dev, and I want to experiment and understand how things like bootstrap and all fit together. I was wondering if there was a clean way for me to start doing that.

Things I am looking for:

  1. Live reloading
  2. Clean text editor
  3. A disposable container within which the web server would run and serve files.

I would really appreciate if there's a way to go back to completely clean state if I mess up or just need to get rid of all the packages

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  1. Webpack with its dev server is really useful for that.

  2. Get VS Code. It's free, fast and has a lot of useful extensions.

  3. You could try docker. For development purposes, running the server locally (see 1.) might save time, though.

About messing up: use git as version control software and commit as often as you like.


id recommend virtualbox + xubuntu vm + theai IDE create an OVA

save all code on github/gitlab and restore from your gold OVA every morning

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