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Discussion on: What are your programming goals for 2017?

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Srikanth A V

What I want to do:

  1. Learn front-end web development
  2. Improve my current skill - (native mobile app development)
  3. Learn a server side lang / framework and concepts.
  4. Learn the concepts of functional programming


  1. Brush up on html, css and learn good practices in JavaScript - freecodecamp, obj oriented js book, learn vue.js

  2. Learn advanced topics in iOS development (my daily job). Port some of my simpler iOS apps to Android. Basic study of how react native and xamarin work

  3. I am confused here. I am not sure if I should first learn rails and webdev through Michael Hartl's book and then learn core or nodejs or directly jump to phoenix/elixir

  4. Do the coursera course on func programming in scala and then learn f# or Elixir to test my knowledge by building server side apps

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