Best Github Repositories a programmer should check out

~#S*K#~ on October 31, 2019

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"Best Github Repositories a JavaScript programmer should fork check out"

There, fixed it.


We developers have a habbit, if really like something we go through regularly, the best to bookmark is fork the repo.
That's how I do most of the time


Yes you are right, we do have our habits. However, I like to think they are as they should be, personal.

If I'm interested in a repo on github, I'll bookmark it by liking it. If I want to learn how the code of a complex library/framework works, I'll git clone it. If I want to contribute, I'll fork it.

That's my personal tastes though ;)


"should" fork?
But? But why? should??!!
Most of the repos you mentioned are just to read. Fork is not like a "like". If you kinda bookmark or like leave a star. Not fork it.


Why you would want to fork anything without contributing to it? It's literally just junk and waste of resource.


You can contribute even if you fork a repo. You can find more info here: help.github.com/en/github/getting-...

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