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Discussion on: Upwork vs Freelancer?

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Veera Srivastava (she/her)

I only ever tried upwork but it is so frustrating to use that I left the idea all together.
As a new one to these places, you only get clients due to your low prices...
One of the clients I refused to work with had a programming course selling site based in Kolkata, India and wanted me to sell a detailed 2.5hr detailed Natural Language Processing in Python and Javascript for INR. 1000 per hour or $13.55 per hour.

The course explained everything including the maths and logic of the underlying algorithms in animated and visual ways for beginners. Moreover I am a certified instructor.

Also when I called their boss to explain the value, he first tried to show me nonsense and then when I got the upper hand, simply hung up and probably blocked me for ever after. He was simply running a programming course site and himself did not know even a single line of code...(probably not even how to console.log)

I mean as a developer can you believe it?
The cheaper clients that you get when starting are "TERRIBLE" to say the least,
I ended up starting with things of my own...

I probably will post an article soon about the alternatives (will edit here) but the bottom line is developers and valuable people end up doing everything else other than code on these so NEWBIES ==> Please stay away.

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CodeBucks Author

That's so bad experience you got from there.
Yeah, it's so hard to deal with the non-technical client, There are so many of them especially in India who sells others Technical Work by impersonating them, and They don't even know what they are selling.

On these sites like freelancer and Upwork first of all as a beginner you have to bid lower or you have to bid faster then others so maybe the client will see it soon.
Still, It isn't a great way. Especially in WebDev, there are lots of competition, but very few can provide Quality Work!

Sure, I would like to read your article. Feel free to add it here.