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I got offered a team lead job yesterday and in the middle of the night it suddenly dawned on me that breaking my lease would cost $10,000 and I don't think I can afford to make the move to accept this job. I was upset and angry and crying and throwing things at the same time...I had all my expectations and visions of the future built around getting this role. I wrote some code and felt better. Still have no idea what I am going to do, but there's hope out there!


Wow that is a LOT of money. Glad you took your time with the decision rather than just jumping on it while it's tempting I know there is another role for you out there. You keep going Scott, you're killing this!


Thank you for the positivity, I really needed that today! You have a beautiful attitude and I predict that it is going to present many exciting and enjoyable opportunities in your future!


Scott, before you give up entirely, can you not go to the lease-holder and ask the question? I'd do that first. You just never know. I was renting in my city before I bought my house, and decided to break my lease just 5 months in. Now, granted, small realtor I was renting from and my situation may be a bit different, but I got out of my lease AND they gave me back my full deposit (a month's rent). My point is, you just never know. Good luck, regardless!


You're absolutely right, I have nothing to lose by asking. Got an interview about a remote position with same salary we shall see. I was excited about the old job because I miss a lot of my coworkers and friends from that city, but maybe it wasn't meant to be. It's been a rough day at work, I am going to take a mental health night before I do anything reckless and try to see what I can negotiate tomorrow.

PROTIP: DC is not a fun place to be a developer.

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