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  1. I have a Mac so all my tools and software is installed using homebrew and cask (for GUIs). I backup the software using brew list >> backup_file.txt and brew cask list >> backup_cask_file.txt - to setup again I just need a fat Internet pipe. Last time I did it was 2 hours on a 1GBps in San Francisco.
  2. I keep all my files in Dropbox (personal), Box (work), One Drive (backup) and Google Drive (legacy)
  3. I do not have a specific IDE setup - I tend to use the defaults...
  4. All code is committed to GitHub (open source), Bitbucket (work), GitLab (personal) as may be needed

I work in Java/J2EE, Python, Android, PHP (for fun)


Pretty much what I do too. I do use the brew package bundle to handle all my apps
I have shell scripts the place a few settings files and stuff that I keep on GitHub.
That and time machine have done okay so far.

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