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  1. About me:

    • Free time - none at the moment
    • I am currently overworking, 12-14 hours a day, with 6 days a week but its purposeful as I am trying to break into a new domain
    • Sleep is a weapon - try to get between 7/8 hours regularly and about 10 every 10 days (made the last one up - but essentially get enough rest)
    • Family obligations yes kids, but I have worked out an arrangement
    • Motivation with overload: see #3 below, however I do my best to remain communicative with all those who depend on me so that I can stretch the time, and I invest in building capacity of those around me to take on the load
  2. The best side projects are:

    • Using technology that is similar to your day job (very little context switching) and pays off very well later by improving the performance at your day job
    • Solve a particular need or itch (focused scope)
    • Something you are interested in hence no need for motivation
    • Release fast release often and throw away anything that does not work
  3. For focusing I use the 2 paradigms:

    • Eat the Frog (Brian Tracy) - do the most mundane and usually most impactful/important tasks first
    • The One Thing (Gary W. Keller, Jay Papasan) - the most important thing you must be doing now so helps prioritize

It is okay not to be as productive as you set high targets to be, but just start and move along slowly and u will get better

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