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re: First Comes Love! Then Comes Marriage! Then Comes Coding...? VIEW POST


Inspiring post Molly! I had a similar situation deciding to go back to school after being in manufacturing most of my adult life, then switching from culinary (I still love to cook but realized doing it for a career would probably destroy my relationship with my then girlfriend, now wife) to software development.

The hardest part of it was telling her that I was going to switch degree paths after just one semester in culinary arts but luckily once I laid it all out there for her she backed me 100%. Honestly, this is just one of many reasons I consider her a saint! Now I just need her to hold out a bit longer in what has become a protracted job search trying to find the right team and project that excites me.

Glad to see everything is coming up Aces for you and hope that your future remains bright!


That is amazing that your wife is so supportive! It is incredible how much of a difference having that support can make. I consider myself very lucky to have had my husband by my side throughout the transition. Good luck with your job hunt!

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