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Discussion on: Why You Shouldn't Use A Web Framework

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Stanton W. Jones

Yes, you should absolutely learn to build things from scratch. The operative word here is "learn". When you're just starting out as a new developer it may be easier to grasp basic concepts in a structured environment where you're more empowered to create, such as within a framework. Then, learning the basics makes you a much better engineer. But mastery of the basics without framework proficiency would make for a very unproductive employee. Your perspective is strikingly academic, overlooking the fact that programs are tools meant to accomplish an end. If complete knowledge of how a tool works was necessary to use it, it wouldn't be a good tool. Sure frameworks aren't always the best tool for the job - if you aren't building anything significant.

And jQuery can only be deprecated because vanilla js has absorbed jQuery's most useful features. I seriously doubt GitHub is now running on firmware