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Discussion on: I'm a Git Master, Ask Me Anything

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Stephen Holdaway

Git really shines when you're working with multiple developers - when you start merging multiple branches from all over the history with overlapping changes multiple times in a day, you'll see why Git is so well loved.

If you're working by yourself, git rebase is a really good place to go next. It can be a little intimidating at first, but once you understand it, you'll have a good high-level understanding of how git works. Rebase is useful for tidying up multiple commits and keeping a clean history with atomic commits and details about why things changed. It might only be you using it for now, but I've gone back to plenty of pet projects years later and looked at the blame to figure out why I did something in a particular way. If you ever hand off a project to someone else (or just put it on Github), other developers will appreciate it too.