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I started off with Java and Visual Basics in a trade school that offers IT courses. For students who are bad with academics to work with our hands to become a computer technician or programmer after 2 years.

After multiple trials and challenges, I was able to get into a university that offers a 2 years degree due to my background using both my IT diploma and my IT technical cert from my trade school.

But I constantly wanted to drop out of my university. As my curriculum focuses on theory instead of practical knowledge of becoming a developer. I nearly gave up on becoming a developer by judging myself to be talentless in becoming a developer due my grades were really bad at the university.

It's only when I started to be exposed through a Python Conference that you can actually find a job as a python developer that leads me becoming a Django developer as a full stack developer for a local tech startup I'm currently in.

Overall I love the journey and would not think of any other way looking back to what I had accomplished to date.

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