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Discussion on: There's no such thing as a full stack developer

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Max Ong Zong Bao

I think it is valuable to have a full stack developer from the start for a startup to setup basic processes due to the constrain of budget.

Once you reach a certain size, it is ideally possible to hire more specialised developers when you have more money to hire.

Being a full stack developer myself, I think it's valuable to provide feedback to specialist developers due to the reasoning that we draw from a wide mental models to make decisions.

Take for example push notifications, why must we use it. Since it might not make sense to use it unless we have a strong use case for it which is notifications of new articles or certain discounts or promotions.

Which might be of value to users or readers. If not i see no reason to use it besides gaining eyeballs to sign up for services or views.

Which even if we implement it, we might need to have a set amount of weekly notifications, that is in the range of email marketing.