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Who needs a #! anyway

Look at this beauty:

//usr/bin/env zig run $0 $@ ; exit 
const std = @import("std");
pub fn main() !void {"Awesome, it works\n", .{});
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Let's make it executable and run it:

chmod +x myscript.zig

info: Awesome, it works
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This works because // is a comment in zig and the first line is a executed by the shell.

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Isaac Freund

Nice trick! note that this will only work in some shells such as bash. If you pass the zig source file directly to the kernel as the argument of execve() the kernel won't run it sadly as it only understands #!/path.

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cryptocode Author

Yeah, good point. Also works nicely in zsh, so I think it'll work for a lot of people.

heavyrain266 profile image

Also works nicely in all type of kernshells such as mksh, also in busybox ash and more :)

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cryptocode Author

That's awesome - thanks!

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